Exhibits, Displays and Distribution of Free Materials

The mission of Fort Bend County Libraries is to provide an environment for lifelong learning and enrichment for the entire, diverse community through responsive service and access to timely and accurate resources.

General Principles
Fort Bend County Libraries is a public forum, where ideas and information are freely communicated, where a broad spectrum of opinion and a variety of viewpoints is presented in displays and exhibits. The existence of a particular viewpoint in a display, leaflet, or exhibit is an expression of the library's policy of intellectual freedom, not an endorsement of the particular point of view. Partisan politics and matters applying to only one faith, sect, or political viewpoint are strictly avoided in displays, exhibits, and flyers.

The responsibility for approval of exhibits, displays, and postings rests with the Library Director or appointed designee(s). In most instances, such designees will be the Public Information Officer, Department Manager at George Memorial Library, or Branch Manager at library branches.

Decisions will be based on availability of space, relationship of the material to the mission of the library, size and/or quantity. Priority is given to the library, followed by not-for-profit groups. Profit-making organizations may display materials only for the following: (1) community-service events such as fingerprinting of children; (2) events which are in support of not-for-profit organizations.

The Libraries will not act as agent for the sale of any displayed items.

Merchandising activities are permitted to library Friends groups and Staff Association.

Bulletin Boards

  • The designated staff member must have approved all materials posted.
  • Only library-related or Friends-related items will be displayed on specified bulletin boards near circulation desks at George Memorial Library and some branches.
  • Notices of meetings, not-for-profit sales, and cultural activities may be posted on other bulletin boards, space permitting, with the following exceptions:
  1. political materials promoting the candidacy of a particular person or persons or a particular political issue;
  2. materials of profit-making groups or individuals advertising products or services for sale (except for posters used to promote the use of libraries and/or library materials).
  • Posters and notices should not be submitted more than 30 days before an event; they will be removed after the event. Notices for ongoing events will be displayed for no longer than 90 days.
  • Items no larger than 8 1/2 " x 14" are preferred. Larger notices will be accepted on a space-available basis.