Procedures for the Use of Public Computers

Fort Bend County Libraries (FBCL) uses a time/access-management software called SAM to allow patrons to access the public computers at all library locations. To use a public computer, patrons must either have a FBCL card or get a visitor’s card at any Reference or Youth public-service desk. Patrons using their library card to access the computers must also know their Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you do not know your PIN, please ask at the Circulation Desk; you will be required to show proof of identification.

Computer Availability
Some computers at each location may be reserved up to a week in advance; others are available only on a walk-in basis. To check availability visit Reserve a Computer.

Logging On to a Public Computer
The public computer will display a welcome screen that has two boxes for you to fill in. Enter your library barcode number (it should begin with 23219) in the box on the left, and your PIN (case sensitive) in the box on the right. Click the OK button. You may be prompted to verify your PIN. Finally, you must read and accept FBCL’s policy for computer and Internet use. The computer will then open to the desktop, and you may begin using the computer.

Session Use
Patrons may use a computer for up to one (1) hour at a time, 4 times per day. Please note, however, that patrons must wait one (1) hour between sessions­—or even partial sessions—before they can again get on any library computer.

Leaving a Computer
If you need to leave this computer only for a moment, do not end your session. Ending your session means that you will not have access to any library computer for the next hour. To leave your computer temporarily, click the Personal Session Timer on the bottom task-bar and click the Lock PC button. To unlock the computer, enter your library barcode number. NOTE: Locking your computer will not extend your session; you still have only one (1) hour from the time you logged on.

When you are through working at the computer and want to log out, click the Personal Session Timer on the bottom task-bar and click the End Session button. Just remember that doing this means that you will not be able to get on any library computer for at least one hour.