Wi-Fi Policy


What is the Fort Bend County Libraries WiFi network?
Our WiFi network allows patrons to use their own wireless devices to connect to the Internet. Wireless networks have been installed at all Fort Bend County Libraries locations. If your computer is WiFi-compliant (either 802.11b or 802.11g), you can connect to the Internet wirelessly while at one of our libraries.

Is there a fee?
No. The library offers WiFi as an information service, free of charge to its patrons, so the service is limited to http/https for surfing the Web. The number of connections available at each location is also limited, so access is strictly on a first-come, first-served basis.

Is the network secure?
Our WiFi access is an open, public-access network. For your protection, you should always make sure that you are on a SSL-encrypted web page before
sending or receiving confidential data, and you should keep your antivirus software up to date. In most cases, you can tell you are on a secure web page when you see the ³https² on the address bar or a lock icon on the task bar.


What equipment do I need to access the network?
Your wireless device (laptop, PDA, Blackberry, etc.) must be equipped with a standard Internet browser (the library¹s webpages are built on an Internet Explorer standard) and a WiFi-compliant (either 802.11b or 802.11g), wireless Ethernet card.
Note: The SSID is broadcast at each site. On newer laptops that have internal WiFi capability, the operating system will often alert the user to the presence of an available WiFi net-work when the computer is on. If it does not, you must enter the appropriate SSID: fbclib.


How do I connect to the network?
Make sure your WiFi software and card are properly installed, then turn on your computer. The SSID for Fort Bend County Libraries is fbclib, which is broadcast. Open your web browser, review our acceptable-use statement, and accept the terms and conditions.  On the next page, your user name and
password will already be filled in; click on "Login." (If a security  alert pops up at any time, just click on "Yes.")


My web browser did not display any pages... what's wrong?
Here are some things to check if you¹re having problems.

1.  Make sure that data encryption (e.g., WEP and WPA) is      DISABLED (or OFF).

2.  RESTART your computer.

3.  If you still have trouble, speak to a staff person at the Adult      Reference Information Desk.  Although we provide no      support to personal computers, we will test to make sure the      wireless service is functioning correctly.


All Fort Bend County Libraries locations have WiFi access.