Consumer Survival Tips for the Budget-Savvy Shopper

May 2022

book cover "The Ultimate Guide to Frugal Living"

A tougher economy has many individuals looking for more ways to cut corners and save money, and the library can be the budget-conscious consumer’s first stop for finding the best deals, making smarter purchases, doing things themselves, or living a more frugal lifestyle. 

Many are trying to become more conscientious shoppers. Before making an expensive purchase, make sure you’re getting the best “bang” for your buck. Whether shopping for kitchen appliances, home-entertainment systems, smart phones, or cars, make smarter purchases by doing a little research before-hand. If you don’t subscribe to Consumer Reports, you can find them at several FBCL locations. You can also browse current and archived editions of Consumer Reports in the “Magazines & Newspapers” section of FBCL’s online databases. Find product reviews, buyers’ advice, product-safety information, and much more!

Some individuals who want to make household repairs themselves are checking out the DIY (do-it-yourself) books and DVDs. Find out how to save money by increasing your home’s efficiency, lowering energy costs, or reducing waste. 

The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) category of FBCL’s databases includes numerous online resources to help those wanting to tackle small projects or household repairs themselves. 

EBSCO’s Home Improvement Reference Center database provides access to instructions for home repairs and improvements from leading magazines and home repair videos.

For auto repairs, the Chilton’s DIY database provides photographs, step-by-step repair procedures, wiring diagrams, and much more for automobiles and light trucks in one easy-to-use website. The Small-Engine Repair Reference Center database offers information on small engines, routine maintenance, and extensive repairs for lawnmowers, ATVs, generators, and other mechanical items.

Some people are looking to return to a more frugal lifestyle by recalling skills used during the Depression of the 1930s, such as mending their own clothes, or growing and canning their own food. Did you know we even have books on building chicken coops?!

While you’re saving your pennies for that dream vacation, “stay-cations” can be a great alternative that can offer adventures and memories that your family will treasure. Click here for some ideas!

Check out some of these books for more ideas on how to stretch a dollar, or click here for a printable list.