FBCL's Local-History Program in November Features the Imperial Sugar Company

November 2021

Imperial Sugar Company

Fort Bend County Libraries (FBCL) will present an online local-history program, “A Brief History of the Imperial Sugar Company,” on Monday, November 15. This video presentation will be pre-recorded so that it can be viewed at any time after the scheduled date.

In this episode in FBCL’s “Genealogy & Local History” video series, Carol Beauchamp will talk about the history of the Imperial Sugar Company in Sugar Land, Texas.

Imperial Sugar was the oldest business in Texas before it closed in 2003. Sugar cane was being grown in the area that became Sugar Land as early as the 1830s. Stephen F. Austin was the original land-grant owner of the property that later became Imperial Sugar.

Learn about the beginnings of the company and the men who built it. The company saw many changes over the years. It eventually rose up from being known as the “hell hole on the Brazos” to becoming a family-oriented company town.

Presented by FBCL’s Genealogy & Local History Department at George Memorial Library in Richmond, the video can be viewed on the Fort Bend County Libraries website by clicking here on or after the date listed.

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For more information, call the Fort Bend County Libraries’ Communications Office (281-633-4734).