George Memorial Library Presents Ghostly Legends of Fort Bend County

October 2022

Fort Bend County Libraries will present a special program, “Fort Bend Ghost Stories & Legends,” on Wednesday, October 19, from 10:30 to 11:30 am, in Room 2C of George Memorial Library in Richmond.

Daniel Sample, Manager of the Genealogy and Local History Department, will share ghostly stories from around Fort Bend County. One of the stories, “The Legend of the Catwoman,” is a tale of a feline-type creature that haunted the Thompsons Bottoms area near Booth in Fort Bend County. Other local ghost stories are drawn from those recalled by the late John Allwright, a longtime volunteer at the library and at the Fort Bend Museum.

For many years, Allwright fascinated the children of the county with tales of ghostly appearances in the area, and he was finally convinced to write them down. The original Fort Bend Ghost Stories features more than 35 stories of ghosts who have haunted the local area throughout its illustrious past. From the “Cotton Seed Mill Robber” to the “Brazos River Ghost” and many more, Allwright brought to life the ghostly residents of the county once again.

The Genealogy and Local History Department at George Memorial Library currently has copies of Allwright’s Fort Bend Ghost Stories available for sale for $5. Proceeds from sales of the book benefit the department at the library.

The program is free and open to the public. For more information, call FBCL’s Genealogy and Local History Department at 281-341-2608.