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Learn a New Language This Summer with FBCL’s “Transparent Language Online" Resource

June 2021

Are you planning to visit a foreign country? Would you like to make yourself more marketable to an employer by being bilingual? Do you want to have an advantage on an international business trip by speaking the language of the country? Learning another language can have many benefits, and Fort Bend County Libraries’ (FBCL) “Transparent Language® Online” resource makes learning a new language easier than ever – and it’s free!
FBCL’s Adult Services staff will present an online tutorial, “Transparent Language® Online: Learning a Language Beyond Chapter 1,” on Thursday, June 10. This how-to video will be pre-recorded so that it can be viewed from the comfort and safety of home at any time after the scheduled date. Click here to view the tutorial on or after the scheduled date.

Learning a new language can be challenging, but retaining and using it in a conversational setting can be even more so. In this video, library staff will talk about how to get beyond “Chapter 1 Basics.” Learn about the “placement test” feature that enables the user to jump past initial lessons to reach the section that is appropriate for their stage of learning.

Hear about two other features of this resource that can help the student retain and use the language skills they have learned.


About Transparent Language® Online

The Transparent Languages resource offers online courses for people who would like to learn a new language. The database includes more than 80 languages – from Afrikaans to Zulu – as well as ESL (English as a Second Language) classes for non-English speaking people who would like to learn English. 
The English-language-assistance courses are available for people who speak Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Farsi, Hindi, Czech, Indonesian, Malay, Norwegian, Romanian, Swahili, Tagalog, Thai, Urdu, Russian, German, French, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Greek, Arabic, or Italian.
By using the libraries’ subscription to the service, library patrons are able to have free access to a resource for which they would otherwise have to pay. To access this resource from the FBCL website, click on Research and select Databases. Click on "T" and scroll down to Transparent Language Online.

NOTE: Because of a recent upgrade to this resource, current users will be required to reset their password. 

For more information, call FBCL’s Communications Office at 281-633-4734.