Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of Fort Bend County Libraries is to bring people, information, and ideas together to enrich lives, expand minds, and strengthen our diverse community.

"Enrich Lives & Expanding Minds"

How We Serve Our Community:

 Although we serve our community in many ways, we have identified three major areas of service that are most important to the accomplishment of our expressed mission.

 We serve as a Reference Center...

...by continuing to develop partnerships with formal education providers
...by compiling and providing access to community information
...by serving as a gateway to additional information resources
...by offering resources, as well as assistance to, business in our community

 We serve as an Independent Learning Center...

...by proactively and responsively providing high-demand resources
...by functioning as a hub of community and cultural activities
...by targeting populations with special needs for augmented service; e.g., literacy, tutoring, non-English materials, programming for older adults, etc.

  We serve as the Preschoolers' Door to Learning...

...by enhancing preschool programs for children, parents and other caregivers
...by strengthening preschool collections of books, audiovisual materials, educational toys and story kits
...by further developing outreach to children at risk