Genealogy & Local History Department

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Daniel Sample
Genealogy Manager
Phone: 281-341-2608
Fax: 832-471-2445

The Genealogy and Local History Department of Fort Bend County Libraries is known throughout the region as an excellent source for research in these subjects. The George Memorial Library in Richmond, houses the Genealogy and Local History Department's collections and resources.

The department's resources focus on the southeastern United States, Fort Bend and the surrounding counties through the Regional Historical Resource Depository (RHRD) program and include materials relating to the history of the South, federal censuses, genealogy, American Revolution, the Civil War, etc.

Over many years, the Genealogy Department’s volunteers and staff have compiled a Fort Bend County Burial Records database, which has become a major tool for genealogy researchers. The database was published in five volumes in 1997, as the Registry of Cemeteries in Fort Bend County, Texas. A supplement was published in 2004, and another supplement is currently being compiled. The printed volumes are housed in the Genealogy Department at George Memorial Library; the database is also available online.