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Obituary FAQ

The Genealogy & Local History department is located on the second floor of the George Memorial Library at 1001 Golfview Drive, Richmond, TX 77469.

Only obituaries that have run in the Fort Bend Herald will be added to the database.

Click on the image you would like to save or print. Then, save the image either by clicking the disk icon in the top left corner of the image or by right-clicking the image and selecting 'Save Picture As...'

How to save an obituary screenshot

 The image will be saved directly to your 'My Pictures' folder or you may choose to save the image in the location of your choice. After it has been saved, the image will be available for printing or to be inserted into documents.

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  • Be sure to check the spelling. If you are unsure of how to spell the name you are looking for, or if there is a possibility it may be listed under a different spelling, enter only what you are sure of. The search will retrieve all the information that matches what is entered.
  • Make sure that the date is written as the example shows. It is possible to only enter a year (1998) or a month (Feb), but they must match the suggested format in order to get results.
  • The obituary has not yet been scanned into our database.
    However, if a record exists, check the notes section for 'O.O.F.' This means that we do have the obituary on file.
  • Obituaries are not published in the paper for everyone. If an obituary was never published, then we will not have it on file or in the database.
  • We never received/added an obituary. Our primary source is the Fort Bend Herald (previously the Herald-Coaster, Texas Coaster and Rosenberg Herald) which predominantly serves the western part of Fort Bend County.

The obituary would have been published in one of the following newspapers, depending on the date of death. Please note that some of the newspapers have overlapping time periods, so you may need to search more than one newspaper title.  

  • Rosenberg Herald 1909-1958
  • Texas Coaster 1912-1958
  • Herald-Coaster 1958-2007
  • Fort Bend Herald 2007-present