e-Card Registration

e-Card Registration

Only Fort Bend County residents, who do not currently have the standard library card, may apply online to get an e-Card. If using the online registration form link below, approved applicants should receive their e-Card number and PIN within three (3) business days.

Fort Bend County Libraries’ e-Cards are for users who are ONLY interested in the electronic resources of the library. (Full access to all library materials requires a standard library card.) With an e-Card, you may remotely borrow online e-books, music, streaming videos (e.g. movies, TV shows), access nearly all of the electronic research resources available such as online databases and tutoring help, and use library computers. The e-Card does not allow for checking out physical library items (e.g. books, CDs, DVD, etc.).

If you are interested in applying for a standard, full-service Fort Bend County Libraries card after our buildings reopen, please click here  for information about the standard library card application process.

If you currently have the standard library card, you will not need to get the e-Card because the standard card already allows greater access to library resources including electronic resources. You may not have both the standard card and the e-Card.

There is no charge for the e-Card. To be eligible, you must reside in Fort Bend County. There are no age restrictions. All items checked out, and/or information/resources accessed, are the responsibility of the cardholder. Parents/guardians are responsible for their child’s use of the library’s resources.