Virtual Computer Classes

Bits & Bytes video

What Is a Computer? video

What is an Operating System? (Apple Vs. Microsoft) video

How Do You Turn On a Computer and Turn It Off Again? video

Introducing Desktop and Icons video

Common Microsoft Applications and Programs video

WordArt & Text Effects video

Create a New Document video

Changing Font Style, Size, and Color video

Menu Ribbon video

Aligning Your Text video

Putting Images in Your Document video

Single or Double Space? video

Breaks & Sections video

Footnotes & Endnotes video

Headers & Footers video

Indentations video

Inserting Tables video

Mail Merge video

Page Numbers video

Tab Markers video

Margins video

Cutting, Copying, and Pasting video

Saving & Printing video

Embedding a Hyperlink video

Create a Table of Contents video

Resumé Templates video

What is Excel? video

Cells video

Formulas and Arithmetic video

Filter Data video

Tables & Charts video

Conditional Formatting video

Use Current Date in Calculations (coming soon)

Patterns & Fills video

Reference Cells video

The IF Function video

Pivot Tables video

VLOOKUP Function video

Budgeting video

Navigating the Spreadsheet video

Overview video

Transitions & Animations video

Making Invitation Cards video


Accounts & Passwords video

Email Scams 101 video

Internet Safety video

Fake News video

Malware & Viruses video

Online Resources video

Social Media Safety video

What Are Pop-Up Ads? video

Opposing Viewpoints video

Obituary Databases video

Lexis Digital Library (Legal Information) video

FamilySearch (Genealogy & Local History) video

STAAR - TEA Student Assessment Divison video

Downloading Apps for Android video

How to Join a Webex Meeting on a Mobile Device: video

Google Docs video

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